“I would like to take a moment to commend Chevon Cook. Yesterday I attended the ‘forklift- train the trainer’ course at your facility, where Chevon was the instructor.

I found Chevon to be an excellent instructor. She presented a potentially dry subject with enthusiasm and clarity. It was obvious that Chevon has the background training and experience to speak on any of the topics she presented. Questions from the participants were answered clearly and completely.

In my career I’ve sat in front of instructors for literally thousands of hours- at times sleeping soundly and at others dazed and confused. I left the forklift training up-beat and ready to present the information myself.

Had there been an instructor evaluation at the completion of the course, Chevon would’ve received all ‘10’s’ from me.”

Brian W. | City Brewing Company, LLC
Student at Forklift, Train-the-Trainer, Course

“I was very impressed by the [Wisconsin Safety Council Annual Conference] audience and appreciated the opportunity to speak in front of so many safety professionals. I hope my presence at the event and remarks helped to promote our shared message of elevating safety. The opportunity to meet many of the attendees during the autograph signing showed how dedicated WSC’s members are.”

Captain Keith Colburn | Deadliest Catch

“I learned a lot of new information that will help me to understand the risk and responsibility of hazardous waste and chemicals. I have a better understanding of how a response procedure would work in the event of a spill/release, and how to apply that to the emergency action plan. The discussion between peers was entertaining and also educational. It’s interesting to hear the perspectives and experiences from the others. I liked how the class was smaller; I had a better chance to ask questions. Kady Olson did a great job, very informative. I don’t think I had one question unanswered. The material was presented in a very organized manner, considering the multitude of information for this course.”

Danielle Meyer, EHS Coordinator | Johnson Litho Graphics
HAZWOPER 24-hour student

“Just to let you know NSC First Aid is the best program I have seen in 35 years in the profession.”

William Gooding | Management of Environmental Safety & Health, Inc.

“Thanks again for teaching such a great class on Monday. I truly learned a lot. As promised I am including all of our inspection reports that I use monthly. I am proud to report that I am back home in my warm weather state. On another note, the conference was truly amazing. I learned so many things that I am going to implement immediately. Your feedback on these reports would be great. Truly looking forward to next year’s conference”

Chad Kursinsky | Texas Biomedical Research Institute

“This course pointed out a few things that I need to follow up on when it comes down to my manpower unloading hazardous material such as paint. It was great having Kady as the instructor. I would hand pick other classes just on the way she can present things.”

Michael Miller | Zalk Josephs

Wisconsin Safety Council