When planning to fill staffing needs within your organization, there are many steps that need to be executed. Having effective job descriptions in place allows you to form the foundation needed to complete the hiring process in the most efficient way possible. Depending on the number of positions held within your organization, creating job descriptions can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Our WSC safety managers have years of experience with the recruiting process and can help you develop job descriptions that not only allow you to select the best of the best, but allow you to address your expectations as they relate to safety, quality and productivity.

What Is Included With This Service?

Our Job Description Development services include the following:

  • Discussion regarding the position(s) you need job descriptions created for
  • Job description development that addresses:
    • An overview of the company and the high-level values that should be demonstrated by all staff
    • A high-level summary of the key duties
    • A detailed list of responsibilities
    • A description of the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required
    • A list of any special working conditions and minimum physical requirements

Job descriptions can be completed on our standard template or a template of your choosing.

Who Would Benefit From This Service?

Organizations looking for a tool essential to the recruitment process should consider this service. Job description development services are also great for those looking for a tool that helps with:

  • Describing working conditions and potential hazardous activities
  • Clarifying employee expectations
  • Measuring job performance
  • Carrying out performance reviews
  • Identifying training needs
  • Staying in legal compliance with many existing employment laws

Why Should You Want This Service?

Effectively developed job descriptions provide organizations with the communication tools needed to ensure success within your organization. While job descriptions are highly beneficial during the recruitment phase, they can also be beneficial to current employees, as job descriptions provide them with an understanding of the duties required to be performed and the expectations an organization has of them. Job descriptions also allow an organization to communicate their values to current and potential employees. The end result: a positive impact to an organization’s company culture.

For questions or to schedule this service, please contact WSC at 608-258-3400 and wsc@wisafetycouncil.org.

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