Conference Handouts

Please plan for your handout needs prior to your arrival by downloading and printing the session handouts you wish to attend. Handouts will not be distributed during the conference. If the presenter has shared their presentation with us, you can find the handouts below.

Session # Session Title
1 The Psychology Of Safety
2 The Art Of Storytelling: Impacting Your Audience
3 Get That Out Of Your Mouth!
4 Worker’s Compensation Update
5 7 Steps To Improve Your Industrial Hygiene Program
6 Building A Forklift Training Program From Scratch
7 Electrical Safety Training For The Non-Electrical Employee
8 Security Concerns When Terminating A Potentially Violent Employee
9 Leveraging Your Insurance Company’s Resources To Look Like A Safety Genius
10 Fall Protection – The Basics
11 Training Gamification: Putting The “Fun” In Workplace Safety Fundamentals
12 E-tools For OHS Risk Management – JSA Risk Assessment Databases
13 Machine Safeguarding Concepts
14 Building Effective Safety Committees
15 Kicking Up Your Safety Training
16 Do You Have Safety Challenges With Engaging, Involving And Yet Holding Your Employees Accountable?
17 Roadside DOT Inspection And Law Updates
18 Engaging And Empowering Front Line Managers
19 Ensuring 100% Certainty With Contractor Safety & Compliance
20 HR And Safety:  The Value In Working Together
21 Today’s Sprinkler Systems & Owner Responsibility – What Did I Commit To?
22 Misconceptions In Industrial Hygiene – Lessons Learned From The Field To The Foundry
23 Solving Your Top Work Comp Cost-Musculoskeletal Disorders
24 OSHA Update:  What’s On The Horizon?
25 Use Of Assessment Tools Within Ergonomic Programs
26 The Importance Of Damage Prevention Of Underground Utilities
27 What’s Your Why?
29 The Power Of One
30 Building A Safety Coach
31 Managing Dock, Shipping and Yard Hazards
32 The New Era Of Mental Health At Work
33 Virtual Ergonomic And Cost Justification Tools
34 Workplace Incident Prevention
35 Safety Committee Building Success
37 Worker’s Compensation Update
38 Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries  Within Employers
39 Building A Sustainable Safety Culture
40 Construction Fatalities In Wisconsin – A Five Year Review And Trend Discussion
41 Is Your Company On The Right Path For Environmental Compliance?
42 Confined Spaces



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