Conference Handouts

Please plan for your handout needs prior to your arrival by downloading and printing the session handouts you wish to attend. Handouts will not be distributed during the conference. If the presenter has shared their presentation with us, you can find the handouts below.

Session # Session Title
1 We Grew Up Differently; Common Sense, Generational Differences, and Safety
2 Addressing Skills Gaps Through Improved Training Program Management
3 OSHA Update: What’s On The Horizon?
4 Legit Or Liar Liar Work Comp Claim
5 100 Bad Policies Made 100 Good Stories
6 What’s The Deal With Safety Data?
7 Employee Engagement
8 Stop Using Lagging Indicators
9 OSHA’s Most Interesting Cases
Fogleson slide deck
Goodman/Zudonyi slide deck
Kenaga slide deck
10 What’s Needed Before Workers Get In The PITs (Powered Industrial Trucks)
11 Mental Health & Safety In Construction
12 The Aging Population – WC Costs, Emerging Risks, What’s Next?
13 Workplace Violence: Understanding The Risk And Possible Technology Solutions For Fatality Prevention
14 Supercharging Safety Committees: How To Develop Effective Advocates Of Safety And Compliance Initiatives
15 Stop Yelling At Me! How Soft Skills Make You A Better Safety Person
16 The Elephants In The Room: Six Core Principles Effecting Safety That Are Often Unspoken
17 Ergonomics – Manufacturing Sector
18 Understanding Fall Protection Correctly
19 OSHA Update: What’s On The Horizon?
20 Machine Safeguarding And Compliance
21 How YOU Are Destroying Your Safety Culture
22 Creating Psychological Safety And Wellbeing For A Stronger Workforce
23 Worker’s Compensation Update
24 Confined Space Entry And Rescue
25 10 Feet Tall And Bullet Proof
26 Blue Line Of Safety
27 Emerging Technologies In Ergonomics & Safety
28 Fleet Management
29 Be A Safety Ninja; Building A Safety Culture Before Anyone Realizes It
30 Process Safety Management (PSM): Hot Points
31 Did You See That? Hazard Recognition At All Levels
32 Drug Testing & CBD In The Workplace
33 Insurance 101 For The Safety Professional
34 Safety For Temporary And Summer Help Employees Not To Be Overlooked
35 We Have A Spill – Now What Do We Do?
36 The Top 10 Things An Employer Can Do To Mess Up A Work Comp Claim
37 NFPA 70E: The 101’s Of The Standard
38 Leaving A Safety Legacy
39 Is Your Company On The Right Path To Environmental Compliance?
40 Preparedness For Active Shooter/Violence Within The Workplace/Community
Resource #1
Resource #2
Resource #3
Resource #4
41 Safety Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: 3 Steps To Creating An Efficient Program
42 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP)


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