Broad Wisconsin Coalition Advocates for Public, Economic Health Amid Pandemic

Launches public service announcement aimed at encouraging mask-wearing, other preventive measures

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in Wisconsin, a diverse coalition of the state’s leading advocacy organizations has partnered on a message to the public urging preventive measures to reduce the virus’ spread.

Representing Wisconsin’s leading health care, business and local government organizations, the coalition today launched a public service announcement (PSA) encouraging the use of social distancing, proper handwashing techniques and wearing protective masks.

The PSA shows people in the health care, restaurant and grocery industries all urging the public’s participation in these safe behaviors. “In Wisconsin we want to live our lives, but we must do it safely and responsibly,” UW Health Chief Medical Officer Aimee Becker, MD says. “While we keep fighting COVID-19, everyone must do their part. Please take responsible steps to ensure you and those around you stay healthy.”

The ad features real people – not actors – at their jobs, urging these simple and safe behaviors not just for the public’s health but for the state’s economy as well. By working together to curb the spread of COVID-19, we can protect the health of Wisconsin residents and ensure our businesses stay open and continue serving the public.

Embracing preventive measures is the best thing we can all do to help get Wisconsin through this pandemic as quickly as possible while keeping our workers, patients and customers safe.

You can watch the public service announcement here.

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For more information about the Public Service Announcement and the importance of safe behaviors for both public and state economic health, contact any member of the coalition:

Wisconsin Hospital Association – Mark Grapentine,
Wisconsin Restaurant Association – Tracy Kosbau,
Wisconsin Grocers Association – Brandon Scholz,
Wisconsin Medical Society – Clyde “Bud” Chumbley, MD,
Wisconsin Safety Council – Nick Novak,
Wisconsin Builders Association – Alicia Naleid,
Wisconsin Counties Association – Mark D. O’Connell,
Wisconsin Realtors Association – Mike Theo,


Wisconsin Safety Council