The Fundamental Safety Certificate is a great stepping-stone towards achieving the National Safety Council’s Advanced Safety Certificate. The core course of both the FSC and ASC (Principles of Occupational Safety and Health) provides a solid foundation of knowledge to meet all safety challenges, while the one-day elective classes allow for a more in-depth discussion around specific safety topics. Employees will also have the option to add any Wisconsin Safety Council courses offering CEUs to their curriculum to achieve the FSC. Through six training days and 3.9 CEUs, this customary safety certificate program will benefit employees wanting to progress their organization’s safety and health program.

How to Earn the Fundamental Safety Certificate

Step 1:
Complete the following prerequisite four-day course (2.6 CEUs):

Step 2:
Select one of the one-day courses listed below (0.65 CEUs):

Step 3:
Select any one additional course offered by WSC to complete the 3.9 CEUs.

*All courses must be completed in a three-year period

Wisconsin Safety Council