We offer Facility Safety Inspection services tailored to ensure your organization is compliant with OSHA regulations. The inspection process includes a thorough walk-through of your facility by a Wisconsin Safety Council Safety Manager. You can then pick and choose the services we can provide with the inspection

What Is Included With This Service?

You can pick and choose the services we can provide with the inspection:

  • Your employee takes all the pictures/notes associated with the walk-through process; includes a Q&A/wrap-up session after walk-through is completed
  • WSC takes all the pictures/notes associated with the walk-through and develops a detailed report for you; a Q&A/wrap-up session will be included after the walk-through
  • Add-on services include:
    • Abatement recommendations can be provided
    • WSC can work with your safety team to develop & prioritize an Action Item list based on inspection findings
    • WSC can provide follow-up services as needed based off inspection findings and/or Action Item list

Our safety inspection services can be a stand-alone product as described above, or can be incorporated into our Safety Management System Compliance Audits.

Who Would Benefit From This Service?

This service is ultimately ideal for any organization looking to improve their safety & health workplace conditions for employees. Some key customers that may want to look into this option include:

  • Employers without a dedicated safety and health professional
  • Employers with a safety and health professional whom also wears other “hats” as part of their job duties
  • Small- to mid-size organizations

Why Should You Want This Service?

Whether you’re an organization looking to ensure your facility conditions are OSHA-compliant or you want to take your safety management system to the next level, having an outside set of eyes with the knowledge and expertise to identify safety conditions that need to be addressed will positively impact your bottom line. WSC will ensure you receive a final product that allows you to easily prioritize your risks, develop controls to mitigate those risks, and ultimately provide your employees with a safe and healthful workplace.

For questions or to schedule this service, please contact WSC at 608-258-3400 and wsc@wisafetycouncil.org.

Wisconsin Safety Council