A Confined Spaces assessment allows employers to identify all confined spaces within their facilities, as well as any hazards present in the space that could cause harm to employees. In addition to OSHA requiring these assessments to be completed, it’s a best practice to thoroughly complete the process so employees can be properly trained on the hazards associated with confined spaces and establish protocols for entering, working in, and rescuing employees before the entry begins.

What Is Included With This Service?

Our safety managers have the capability to conduct a comprehensive survey of your facility to identify all confined spaces, as well as determine which spaces should be considered as permit-required. Other items completed during the assessment include:

  • Identifying all entry points to each space
  • Identify spaces which are not feasible to mark with signage per OSHA requirements
  • Identifying all potential hazards within each space
  • Identifying all potential equipment needed to enter/work in each space

Employers will receive a comprehensive report following the assessment which can be used to develop or enhance their permit-required confined spaces program.

Who Would Benefit From This Service?

This service is ideal for organizations needing to complete a comprehensive confined space assessment at their facility. This service can also be used as a gap analysis for those organizations who have already completed a confined space assessment and want to ensure all confined spaces have been adequately identified and assessed.

Why Should You Want This Service?

Our consultants utilize a practical approach to ensure your specific needs are addressed while keeping your organization within compliance of OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Spaces regulations. Your organization will be provided with the information needed to ensure all required items of your written program have been addressed and proper training content is available for all employees.

For questions or to schedule this service, please contact WSC at 608-258-3400 and wsc@wisafetycouncil.org.

Wisconsin Safety Council