WSC Offers Online Trainings

Many of us have become accustomed to a virtual world. Work, meetings, and holidays are now done through a screen instead of at a table. As Zoom fatigue continues to set in, it will become easier to swear off all things virtual once we get back to normal. Is that the right move, though?

Wisconsin Safety Council’s (WSC) staff loves to see all of the smiling faces at their live trainings, but sometimes on-demand online training is necessary to ensure all employees receive the safety training they need. To help, WSC partnered with PureSafety to offer access to an on-demand online training library. While online training cannot replace in-person interaction, on-demand online training has a number of benefits.

On-Demand = On Your Schedule

On-demand training allows students to start, pause, and move to the next slide at their own pace. These functions make online training ideal for employees who only have a few minutes for training each day. The ability to take the training at any time also eliminates scheduling conflicts between a trainer and the employee.

Built for all Learning Styles

Professional trainers understand how to tailor a training to multiple learning styles. Online trainings are also tailored to each learning style to ensure engagement and maximum retention for each student. Each of WSC’s on-demand online trainings offer graphics, videos, or written information to engage visual learners. A voiceover describes the content to engage auditory learners. Online training may seem impossible for kinesthetic learning, however, our online trainings have check-points scattered throughout allowing kinesthetic learners to effectively interact with the content.

Benefits for Employers

While the functions of on-demand virtual training are important and beneficial to a successful training, employers still need to know their employees actually learn during the training. WSC’s on-demand online training platform does not let students skip ahead. Students must view the entire section and complete the check-point quizzes before moving to the next section. The platform also allows employers to assign the specific trainings and monitor the progress of each employee. Finally, employers can be assured their employees actually learned from the training since each employee must complete a final test before receiving their certificate.

Sometimes students need or want to take a training with a live instructor, but we shouldn’t dismiss the times on-demand online training is the most effective way to provide safety training to employees. For more information on our on-demand online training email us at or visit our website

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