Wisconsin Safety Council Celebrates 100 Years of Promoting Safety

MADISON – Wisconsin Safety Council, the state’s leading provider of safety training and products, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, commemorating the organization’s rich heritage. Founded in 1923, Wisconsin Safety Council is dedicated to making Wisconsin the safest place to live, work and play.

Over the past century, Wisconsin Safety Council has provided valuable resources and training to employers, employees and safety professionals throughout the state. From safety training and programs to safety conferences and educational events, Wisconsin Safety Council has played a vital role in reducing workplace injuries and fatalities in Wisconsin.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone anniversary and look back on the impact Wisconsin Safety Council has had on workplace safety in our state,” said Aaron Huebner, Executive Director of Wisconsin Safety Council. “Over the past century, we have worked with countless employers and employees to create safer workplaces and protect the most invaluable resource of our state: human life. We are proud to continue the work of safety in Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin Council of Safety (WCS) was established in 1923 when a diverse group of representatives from Wisconsin industries banded together to promote industrial safety. From traffic safety campaigns in the 1950s to OSHA specific training, the organization has consistently evolved its educational programs. Now branded as Wisconsin Safety Council, the organization continues to offer safety courses, hosts one of the largest safety conferences in the United States and manages award programs for companies that go above and beyond to keep their employees safe.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Wisconsin Safety Council released a video overview of the organization’s history and will be sharing historical content with its members and the public in the coming weeks. The organization touted the centennial at its recent 81st annual conference in Wisconsin Dells, where roughly 1,400 safety professionals, speakers and exhibitors gathered to share safety resources, learn the newest information, network and award 9 companies with Corporate Safety Awards.

For more information on Wisconsin Safety Council, visit www.wisafetycouncil.org.


Wisconsin Safety Council