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October 2
Red Lion Hotel Paper Valley

Opening Keynote Inspiring Safety: Insights From the Wife Left Behind
Imagine the perfect safety world, where the workers thank you for your help, training is easy, valuable and effective, and everyone thinks you are awesome for all that you do. Why you are a safety superhero! But that is not how it is. In fact, some days, it’s hard to remember why you do this job in the first place. In this keynote, Regina will revitalize your passion for safety and remind you that it’s about the little acts of safety that keep workers engaged. Regina started in safety when she suddenly found herself planning a funeral after her husband fell to his death while employed as a roofer. That began her journey to save just one life to make up for the one she lost. Your audience will go from struggling from the day-today challenges of the compliance driven work mentality to remembering that working in safety is full of amazing opportunities to help people see the little wins that happen along the way.
Regina McMichael, President, The Learning Factory

Pre-Luncheon Keynote: OSHA Update
An opportunity to meet the OSHA Area Director for Northeast Wisconsin. Learn about changes in enforcement specifically in manufacturing, construction, and food processing industries. The presentation will also provide a review of occupational fatalities in Wisconsin.
Robert Bonack, Area Director, OSHA – Appleton Office


9:30-10:45 Org DNA – The Foundation Of A Compelling EVP And Effective Human Capital Programs
In today’s uber competitive landscape for talent, yesterday’s plug and play strategies are simply not enough. Advertising great benefits and perks are simply not differentiating to today’s Talent Market. They are expected and the next company your candidates and employees are called by have them too. So what does differentiate you enough to be a destination employer that people want to join, stay, engage in and do their best work?  It starts with your understanding, communicating and living your best organizational “self” as you work together toward your company objectives. Join us for an interactive discussion Organizational DNA as the foundation of your true Employer Value Proposition and advanced Human Capital initiatives.
Heidi Anderson, Managing Director and Abbie Timmerman, Managing Director-Talent Acquisition Solutions, NOVO Group

12:30-1:45 The Straight Dope On Opioids And Marijuana In The Workplace
With the opioid crisis reaching a fever pitch, affecting all segments of the workforce, states are continuing to decriminalize marijuana possession and use while the federal government considers enforcing federal marijuana laws even in states where marijuana is legal, leaving employers dazed and confused, caught in the middle of trying to comply with all laws while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and addressing the interplay between disability antidiscrimination laws and an employer’s right to a drug-free workplace. There are myriad multijurisdictional issues, the laws are constantly changing, and employers aren’t sure how to stay safe when there are no clear answers. This session will address how medical marijuana use, prescription drug use, and alcohol and drug addiction are impacted by disability antidiscrimination laws.
Keith Kopplin, Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins

2:00-3:15 The Hidden Costs Of Workplace Incidents
Have you ever wondered the true cost of a workplace injury? After the initial costs of medical bills and OSHA fines there are often additional costs to the company and the employee who has been injured. From increases in workers’ compensation premiums to the declining mental health of the victim, the price of a workplace injury is felt way beyond the initial incident. Learn how to identify the direct and indirect costs of workplace injuries in this session.
Matt Flynn, Sr. Business Development Manager, WMC Insurance and Kady Olson, Sr. Safety Manager, WI Safety Council


9:30-10:45 What To Do When OSHA Knocks-Best Practices For Dealing With An OSHA Investigation
OSHA appears at your plant door. The Compliance Officer wishes to conduct a wall-to-wall inspection to address complaints of workplace hazards. What do you do? Are you going to receive special treatment for your cooperation? What are the best practices to avoid OSHA’s increased citation penalties?
Daniel Kaplan, Partner and Litigation Attorney, Foley & Lardner LLP

12:30-1:45 Combustible Dust: Do You Believe?
Combustible dust explosions seem to surprise companies. Do you believe that your dust can be combustible?  A long history without any incident, and little warning of the impending explosion can lull an employer into thinking that it will never happen here.  This introduction will describe the basic issues that lead to catastrophic combustible dust explosions.  With the new NFPA requirement for a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA), there are even more tools to help assess your risk.
George Gruetzmacher, Field Consultant and Trainer, WisCon-WI State Laboratory of Hygiene

2:00-3:15 Getting A Seat At The C-Suite: What Every Safety Pro Should Know
Learn the indispensable tactics every safety pro needs to be effective. You need management to support and fund your initiatives, but sometimes this feels like running head first into a brick wall. The secret to success lies in getting and keeping a seat at the highest decision-making table in the C-Suite. That seat is ready and waiting for a safety leader who understands how to take it. In this session, you will learn how to achieve that connection with the senior leadership at your organization. Learn everything you have been missing when it comes to communicating with your senior leadership!
Regina McMichael, President, The Learning Factory


9:30-10:45 Back Breaking Work: Ergonomics in Construction
Every year over 20,000 musculoskeletal disorders are diagnosed among construction workers. This is no surprise given the incredibly high physical demands placed on employees in this industry every day, but these injuries are preventable. In this session participants will learn how to identify the five major ergonomic risk factors associated with the construction industry as well as control methods to help prevent the development of musculoskeletal disorders on the job.
Kady Olson, Sr. Safety Manager, WI Safety Council

12:30-1:45 Crane Safety and How It Affects You
A summary of crane safety, planning, and crane safety program management will be provided.  Presenters will give an overview of crane program administration, operator required documentation, and general best practices for crane operations.
Matt Squire and Cody Weber, Boldt Safety Specialists, The Boldt Company

2:00-3:15 Start Me Up! On-Boarding With Purpose In The Construction Industry
The job market is tough enough. Finding quality candidates in today’s market place presents a real challenge. In the construction industry, the challenges are even more difficult because of the need to deploy groups of new employees to job sites quickly, and sometimes with short notice. Once you are able to hire an employee, you have to train them to retain them. Effective training is essential to maintain a safe and productive worksite. Many companies rely on the age old OJT – on the job training. But most construction workers are not taught to train others, so, OJT can quickly lead to a deterioration in quality. This in turn can impact employee retention leading to a vicious cycle of turn over, hiring, OJT, with each generation less skilled than the last. In today’s market, employers must approach hiring, on boarding, and training with the same energy and organization applied to sales, marketing and/or engineering. There are proven models for successful hiring, on boarding and training. This session explores some of the techniques that employers can apply to meet your business needs. Some of the questions that will be answered: •What can Employers do to assure Fitness for Duty? •How do I assure my new employees are properly trained in workplace safety and company policy issues? •Can we make the process easier and faster without sacrificing the quality of the training? Join us for a discussion on some unique practices that are available to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of on-boarding practices in the construction industry.
Kurt Meyer, SPHR, Managing Consultant, Best Workplace Solutions and Chuck Palmer, Managing Partner, Michael Best

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