Course Overview

This full day compliance course provides an overview of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the responsibilities of individuals who manage hazardous waste under 40 CFR 260. This course can serve as an initial training or as the annual refresher that is required for all individuals involved in hazardous waste management.Resource Conservation and Recovery Act compliance course is designed for large and small quantity generators. The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act requires that facility personnel be trained to “perform their duties in a way that ensures the facility’s compliance” with hazardous waste regulations. Recertification is needed every year.

Key Topics/Goals/Objectives

  • Overview/history
  • What is a solid waste? What is a hazardous waste?
  • Understanding waste codes, disposal options, land ban requirements
  • How to determine your generator status
  • Operating requirements (walk through of Wisconsin DNR inspection form)
  • Satellite accumulation vs. permanent storage requirements
  • Waste storage, container requirements, facility standards, Universal waste requirements, site inspections
  • Lab packing parameters
  • Training requirements
  • Recordkeeping and paperwork requirements

Requirements for hazardous waste shipments

  • How to select TSDFs and transporters
  • How to best profile wastes to minimize disposal costs
  • Manifest preparation and recordkeeping
  • Land disposal restrictions
  • Following applicable DOT requirements

Special wastes

  • Universal wastes
  • Used oil
  • Electronic waste
  • Metal recycling exemption

Liability and due diligence

  • RCRA enforcement trends
  • How to organize and manage your compliance data to minimize RCRA inspection
  • Understanding liability concerns, Superfund, joint, several and strict liability

Who Should Attend

The workshop is geared to those who have some background in environmental management and basic knowledge of hazardous waste requirements. The course is also designed for those who are seeking a refresher on current hazardous and universal waste requirements and a better understanding of what RCRA compliance requires.


Regular Price: $400
Discounted Member: $300

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Attend and earn .60 CEUs from the Wisconsin Safety Council.

More Information

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